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Knowing the Indian Maoist Rebels

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We all have seen scenes of kids using guns and rocket launchers in Afghanistan during extensive media coverage of America's war on terrorism. But we actually do not need to go so far to learn about how the youth is being maligned by indoctrination as well as poverty and neglect. For 42 year maoist rebels have fought the Indian Government using guerrilla warfare. This fight has been waged for ...

Fighting the Naxal Problem using Guerrilla Warfare: Article Recommendation

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India as a country faces tremendous challenge in maintaining its integrity due to widespread naxalite/militant problem within the country. This issue threatens to rip through the fabric of its democracy and could potentially lead to disintegration of the country if not handled properly. This problem is allegedly being exploited by certain foreign powers to create havoc and destruction in the country such that it finally fractures. This should ...

Another Random Thought

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Some thing that came into my mind for the first time after the terrorists attacks in Bangalore IISC in 2005. It came to my mind again and again after every terrorist attack. And after the Mumbai terror attacks I think I was able to complete this picture. I don't know if this is right or wrong? I was too busy completing the picture in my mind. May be you ...