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Nouriel Roubini and his suggestions for handling the global financial crisis

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Many of your might have started following the news in US and European countries keenly after the sub-prime mortgage crisis evolved into a credit crunch and later into a global financial crisis. For those who didn't know Nouriel Roubini, I strongly recommend that you read up about him and what has shot him to fame during these troubled times. He is amongst the few economists who had foreseen this ...

Why the percentage of Hindus in Indian population, might decline in the coming years?

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Before I answer this question, let me explain you that I have written this article purely as a student of economics (of which demographics is an important part). I do not have any specific feeling towards any religion and this article was not meant to hurt anybody's sentiments, emotions or religious beliefs. I write this article with the sole intention of stating my analysis and airing my views ...

Freakonomics by Levitt & Dubner (Book Review 005)

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ISBN: 006073132X Tagline: A rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything. I had completed reading Freakonomics over a month ago and was pretty much glued to it then. However, now that I have decided to pick up The world is flat and a few Malcolm Gladwell's books, I thought that I should finish this book's review so that I do not mix things up. About the authors I am not an ...

India: Agenda 2020 for economic development

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India: Agenda 2020 is one of the best research projects I have undertaken till date. I had done this project in 2004 as a part of my assignment for the qualifying round of a management festival called Vistas organized every year by PES BBM (People's Education Society, Bangalore). The event I had participated in was called The clerk of the course or simply put the best manager of ...