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Thirst for knowing our past

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Since class 8th when I first learnt about our ancient history in our ICSE text books, I have always wanted to learn about the complete history of India. We (with reference to the Hindu religious scriptures) have a very long and elaborately recorded "history" here in India, which, though broken (seems to have lost) at many vital places, provides a great story (in journalistic sense of the word) ...

Interesting Quotations from Media

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I had a couple of notes in my phone that I noted while reading newspapers over the last few months. There isn't any context to them and I have noted them out of random articles that I have been reading. Thought I shall put them here: - "But all over the factory there developed a myth of the Japanese manager. The one who is groomed in the fires of ...

Sino-India Relations: Article Recommendation

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Hi all. Its been a while sice I posted some thing on my blog. Hvae been very busy and will update you all about it. Just wanted to share this link of an article I managed to read while going to office today. Its one of the better articles I have read in recent times about the current geo-political situation and the position of India with reference to ...

Nouriel Roubini and his suggestions for handling the global financial crisis

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Many of your might have started following the news in US and European countries keenly after the sub-prime mortgage crisis evolved into a credit crunch and later into a global financial crisis. For those who didn't know Nouriel Roubini, I strongly recommend that you read up about him and what has shot him to fame during these troubled times. He is amongst the few economists who had foreseen this ...

Mumbai Terror Attacks – No Fate

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I write this article with a very heavy heart. The thought flow in this article might appear haphazard and the sentences might seem lengthy and verbose. My apologies to the readers, as penning emotions is not an easy task, even for seasoned bloggers (and I am just a beginner). From the last four day I have been following the incidents related to the Mumbai terrorist attacks on all kinds ...

Mumbai Terror Attacks – Necessary Info Collated

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Mumbai Terror Attack Stats (Courtesy The Indian) Total people killed: 183 Civilians (Indians): 141 Security forces: 20 Foreign tourists Killed: 22 (Three each from Israel and Germany; two from Canada and one each from US, Italy, China, Thailand, Mauritius, Singapore, Britain, Japan and Australia. Five are yet to be identified) Total Injured: 239 Indians: 216 Foreigners: 23 NSG commandos: In operation: 477 Killed: 2 Injured: 8 Policemen killed: 18 Terrorists Total: 10 Killed: 9 Arrested: 1 Important Lists List of the Deceased at List of Injured at ...

My piece of mind on current geo-politics, war and religious polarization with suggestions

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As stated earlier, I would like to repeat that I am not any good in international affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy etc nor am I or my country perfect but I want to write about a topic that is very sensitive. I am not writing this article after any research. This article contains my views about what I have been reading/watching in media regarding religious fundamentalism, terrorism and ...

The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman (Book Review 007)

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ISBN: 0141022728 Tagline: The Globalized world in the Twenty-First century Hanging around for almost a month with The World is Flat, I finally completed it despite all the time constraints I was under. I have never read such a thick book back-to-back in my life until this one and this book is very special not just in that sense. I could have completed it within a short span but the ...

Anne Frank: The Diary of a young girl (Book Review 006)

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ISBN: 0553296981 I had finished reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a young girl a few days ago. This book is the most popular war documentary of the Second World War and perhaps of all times. It was published in 1947 and since then it has been translated into more than thirty languages and adapted for theatre film and television. In her introduction to the diary's first American edition, ...