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The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill – A Raw Deal for Indians

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Those of you who follow the political news keenly must have read about the tabling of the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill (will call it the Nuclear Liability Bill or NLB from now on). For the uninitiated, here are some key points from the NLB which are the crux of the issue: Indian government indirectly takes the onus of compensation in case of a mishap and this compensation will ...

Sino-India Relations: Article Recommendation

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Hi all. Its been a while sice I posted some thing on my blog. Hvae been very busy and will update you all about it. Just wanted to share this link of an article I managed to read while going to office today. Its one of the better articles I have read in recent times about the current geo-political situation and the position of India with reference to ...

Varun Gandhi down down!

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The sad state of Indian politics is not something I like to rant about. But the recent incident of Varun Gandhi delivering a provocative, disgusting and  religiously polarizing speech has forced me to write this post. For the uninitiated, you might want to watch this video to see how politicians in India deliver speeches full of religious hatred to the masses in order to win votes and therefore the ...

Hyderabad Metro Rail Project and the quagmire of scandalous politics

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Hi, I write this article after learning about the social costs and the dire ramifications of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project which was awarded to the Maytas Metro Limited by the Government of Andhra Pradesh last year. After reading this article (by Mint's managing editor Niranjan Rajadhyaksha) and the link (an article by transport activist C. Ramachandriah) provided there, I have gained significant visibility about this whole project and why ...

Mumbai Terror Attacks – No Fate

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I write this article with a very heavy heart. The thought flow in this article might appear haphazard and the sentences might seem lengthy and verbose. My apologies to the readers, as penning emotions is not an easy task, even for seasoned bloggers (and I am just a beginner). From the last four day I have been following the incidents related to the Mumbai terrorist attacks on all kinds ...

My piece of mind on current geo-politics, war and religious polarization with suggestions

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As stated earlier, I would like to repeat that I am not any good in international affairs, foreign policy and diplomacy etc nor am I or my country perfect but I want to write about a topic that is very sensitive. I am not writing this article after any research. This article contains my views about what I have been reading/watching in media regarding religious fundamentalism, terrorism and ...

Mushroom Rice: A novel view on international relations by M.J. Akbar

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I came across this article Mushroom Rice by M.J. Akbar in Sunday (October 15th, 2006) issue of the newspaper Deccan Chronicle, under his famous editorial series Byline. With the recent nuclear tests by North Korea and America’s ire over Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme, the international scenario has reached a potential dew point. Fuelling this is the widespread outcry (in U.S and U.K.) against the Iraq war, the recent ...