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The Perfect Omlette

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Ingredients: 1. Three egg whites 2. Salt 3. Chat Masala 4. Chili Flakes 5. 1.5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin, Refined Olive Oil 6. Painstakingly acquired skill :) Calories count: Roughly 140 cals An interesting video tutorial (ignore the sponsor message) on how to make a perfect omlette:

Hyderabad Metro Rail Project and the quagmire of scandalous politics

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Hi, I write this article after learning about the social costs and the dire ramifications of the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project which was awarded to the Maytas Metro Limited by the Government of Andhra Pradesh last year. After reading this article (by Mint's managing editor Niranjan Rajadhyaksha) and the link (an article by transport activist C. Ramachandriah) provided there, I have gained significant visibility about this whole project and why ...