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Issac Asimov’s Science Fiction Series – Suggested Reading Order

While trying to keep alive, an effort to satiate my need for reading good science fiction, today I researched the internet to find an answer to a question:

Which book should I pickup to start reading Issac Asimov’s science fiction series, such that I extract the maximum benefit from the whole reading exercise?

According to Asimov’s note in the book Prelude to Foundation (a prequel to the original foundation trilogy), the entire foundation series comprises of fourteen volumes and a total of about 1,450,000 words! Therefore science fictions fans who are yet to read this series would want to be very sure of the reading order before they get down to business.

I have decided to share the reading order with my readers as one may end up spending some time browsing the next to compile this order of books. Here it goes:

Robot Series Empire Series Foundation Series


The Complete Robot


The Currents of Space


Prelude to Foundation


The Caves of Steel


The Stars, Like Dust


Forward the Foundation


The Naked Sun


Pebble in the Sky




The Robots of Dawn


Foundation and Empire


Robots and Empire


Second Foundation


Foundation’s Edge


Foundation and Earth

As you can see that I have divided the chronological list into various series to which the books belong. So you start with The complete Robot from the Robot Series and end with Foundation and Earth in the Foundation series.

I also recommend that you check out the timeline for Issac Asimov’s Robots and Foundation series universe. It will give you a good overview of how the entire plot will unfold.

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