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Absolutism or un-absolutism? My Views

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Definitely un-absolutism. Careful study of the ancient texts (Gita is particular) shows that the ancients had the knowledge of parallel universes and time travel (I do not imply that they were able to travel in time because I frankly don't know about that). Concept of parallel universes is an excellent point and it kind of refutes my thought and the ancient texts themselves. "Death of a body/ moksha of a ...

Wings of Fire by Arun Tiwari and APJ Abdul Kalam (Book Review 001)

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ISBN: 8173711461 Tagline: An autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam with Arun Tiwari Wings of fire was perhaps the first book which I had read completely and which was not a part of my school or college syllabus :-). I had read this book in 2003 i.e. after Dr. Kalam was appointed the President of India. As I was not into the habit of reading then, I wondered if I would ...

Fantastic ancients

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Just yesterday I was watching this serial "Prithvi Raj Chauhan" on TV. In the programme, Prithvi raj (a young student) enters the forbidden portion of his teacher's library and picks up a book on "shabd-bheydi band kala" (i.e. voice-piercing arrow craft). The moment he read out the name of the book, I experienced goose-flesh and a storm of previously learnt facts, lessons from history and a few portions ...